Jeff Johnson (the younger)

A recent graduate of St. John's University with a degree in English literature and an obsession with video, Jeff Johnson brings a fresh perspective to the central Minnesota video production scene. Fueled by coffee and youth, he is willing to explore unique solutions to traditionally expensive problems in the video industry. Constantly experimenting with vintage lenses, new software, and emerging technologies, Jeff believes in the future of the medium.



Jeff Johnson (the elder)

Jeff Johnson has a master's degree in English literature, and is intimately acquainted with intricacies of well-crafted storytelling. Bewildered yet inspired by his son's entrepreneurial drive, he has poured a great deal of energy into getting Ocular Proof off the ground. His favorite part of the process is consulting with potential clients because it allows him to flex his literary mind in new and exciting ways. He also maintains that he is the president of the company.